About us

Your attention is sign of GOOD LUCK:

Heraldic desire of great success is to keep promoting to businessmen, to find out new fashion trends, assign new affiliations with established businesses/organisations to create fresh concepts in our designs in order to achieve your targets. We kindly request that you, spare couple of your valued moments to review our message for your future custom. 

Professional Leather TANNERS: 

HERALDIC management wishes to show gratitude to our ancestors for their innovation and great commitments for the revolution in the leather industry, introducing our family as the “First Tanner” in the Indo/Pak history for hundreds of years. We solemnly declare that our family has been involved in leather tanning profession for generations. We are involved in the job from the rawhides to ultimate production. 

History of Manufacturing and Exports:                                                         

Heraldic can confirm that our family is the founder of sporting Industry and are engaged in the manufacturing and exporting of leather garments/products for up to 70 years respectively. We have a wide range of leather productions from; Biker wear, Classics, Casual, Western and Bavarian styles sold worldwide.

Capacity and scope of Responsibility:

Heraldic have the experience and capacity to produce any specified branded design required of leather quality by our valued customers. We are a committed, skilled and a trustworthy group who work hard to achieve optimum results. We have only used highly qualified and experienced management and skilled craftsmen in the relevant fields. We therefore, always feel satisfied in accepting a new challenge, to produce any intended quality and design by our valued customers. We are confident that once, you have kindly trusted us for a trial, you will certainly become convinced to use us as one of your affiliated manufacturing units, for your seasonal production. 

We are determined to bring distinctive high quality at prices that give outstanding value. We assure you that you will never feel disappointed in any regard.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Kindest Regards,

Nisar Ahmed Bhutta

Chief Executive, 

Heraldic Industries

Sialkot - Pakistan